Tempo of the Times

Tempo of the Times

Tempo of the Times Apparently, an unknown singer songwriter, Brad Elias, has released another album of unremarkable performances on December 22nd, 2018. Instead of staying within the limited boundaries of his earlier album, the latest offering abounds with such random flavors of synth folk, country prog, dancehall calypso, and lounge protest. His goal of recording and releasing an album of songs about his family in 2017 was thwarted by the year 2016. Many of his hard edged social commentary songs have not made this release which has a vapid tone of tolerance and cooperation. Layers of vocals and startling instrumentation try to hide the lack of actual perfomance ability. Included is the breakout holiday hit "Merry Whatever".

Alleged songwriter Brad Elias
Brad Elias

11 String Confessions

11 String Confessions Unbeknownst to the entire world, Brad Elias released an album in 2016. This album is a collection of songs written from August 2015 to June 2016 and recorded from April to June of 2016. The artist claims the effort was originally "music as therapy", but turned into a redefinition period in his life. A listener will have to endure this rough-hewn edges to find the communication power lyrics can wield. The album was envisioned being played by a 4-piece band (although the drums take 3 passes for the hapless performer to sequence). He claims this technique is not just laziness, but in order to retain the "organic performance" of his limited skill. Need we say more? "Never Doing That Again" is the novelty song that nearly went viral.

The Others

The Others Brad Elias was the obvious weak link in this band from the 80's. Half the songs luckily are sung by a much better singer. Plus the guitar work and drums are performed by superior musicians.

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Christian Songs

The obscure singer songwriter, Brad Elias, has long been rumored to be a Christian. Here is shocking evidence of his backward beliefs. Yes, there are universal messages that ring true, but lack modern sophistication.

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