The OTHERS released a self-produced CD in 1996 called Yeah, Right. We are four musicians from diverse backgrounds who have come together to make music that WE like, and hope others will like, too. We are seeking management, record company interest, songwriting opportunities, radio play, and fun gigs. We have not sold the farm, mortgaged our houses, broken the nest egg, or quit our day jobs - we just think we have some good tunes, good attitude, and good prospects.
Download all songs in MP3 format (320kbps).
Ron Neumeyer sings lead, plays rhythm guitar and saxes and writes many of the songs. He was born, bred, and corn fed in Indiana - with a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His dad's print shop did the cool booklet (free - can't beat the price). He, like most of the band, works making Space Shuttle Main Engines at Rocketdyne - did I tell you we were rocket scientists. He comes from a Beatles/Fogelberg mold - but recently has been busting out his country chops.
Roger Anderson is the renaissance man of the group. Having been mostly raised in LA, he was banished to the Washington State interior at the end of his prime formative high school years. This explains why he's a Led Zep fan (although he's been observed listening to alternative music). He came back to So Cal with drums, flute, sax, harmonica, and a good sense of rhythm. He's dabbled in mountain biking, computer programming, photography, pottery, journalism, and the internet - to name a few. He is greatly missed.
Brad Elias was a San Fernando Valley boy, leaving only to get an Arts degree and snag a wife (sorry, girls, this one's taken!). His musical tastes are for anything he hasn't heard before (Abba to Zappa). He works with Roger getting the numbers ready for engineers like Ron. His current passion is the Internet - he ran the Space Shuttle web site for Rocketdyne and You'll also find him singing, writing, and playing bass, keyboards, and percussion on the CD and doing solo work.
Tim Bradley came to LA from Arizona (another place east of San Bernadino) seeking fame & fortune as a session musician. "In a week, maybe two they'll make you a star...." He hung around anyway getting into journalism & public relations. He escaped from Rocketdyne & was last seen at at Children's Hospital. He's the one who tells Channel 2 about Timmy's successful spleen transplant. He's also an eclectic guy - a country-jazz-blues-rocker - on the guitar, cafeteria-style.
        Recorded at:
                        One Hand Clapping Studio Canoga Park, CA 
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The Others - yeah, right
Download all songs in MP3 format (320kbps). (126Mb) The CD has 16 original songs:
  1. Live Like That (Elias)
  2. She Used to be my Girl (Neumeyer)
  3. Don't Pull on my Chain (Elias)
  4. Like a Champion (Anderson)
  5. Don't Wait (Neumeyer)
  6. Too Many Things (Elias)
  7. GTO (Neumeyer)
  8. Next Red Light (Elias)
  9. All Over You (Elias)
  10. Better Things to Do (Bradley)
  11. Yeah Right (Elias)
  12. Bachelor Blues (Neumeyer)
  13. Talk About Me (Elias)
  14. Insomnia (Neumeyer)
  15. Ground Zero (Elias)
  16. Strong End (Elias)